René & Jean

France / 2011

Laureate of Le Bal /
SFR Jeunes Talents

Analog color photographies,
postal archives, texts

Text 1 : FR / ENG
Text 2 : FR / ENG

René lives in Creuse and Jean in Morbihan. They don't know each other, however both are my grandfathers. From December 2009 to January 2011, I have collected their words and fixed their image in their respective universe. Although they are far  from each other,I have noted numerous similarities between them. First of all,the way they are deeply rooted in their territory and the particular relationship they consequently have with nature. They both spent their childhood in the country. As youg men, they chose to leave their native home to work, one abroad, the other in Paris, but finally to come back later on to live in the house of their younger days. Secondly, they  have  in  common  an  acute artistic sensitivity. In both of them, the borderline between their creative activity and their  daily life is mobile. Collecting, gleaning, accumulating provides the raw material for their imagination. The fact that they  both  live  alone  and  are  self-sufficient  after having chosen to  travel, might  explain  their  questioning of the world around them. These  points  which   absolutely  converge,  bring me to the understanding  that  for  one  as  well as for the other, these permanent "works"  are  part  of  their life,obvious and  even necessary.  These   texts  and  images  are  a  tentative  to retrace the relationship  René  and  Jean  keep  with  creation,  poetry  and their daily life.

Lolita Bourdet